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About Us


E. Parrella Co., Inc. (EPCO) was established in 1952 by Emilio Parrella and remains a family owned business today.  Our manufacturing facility, located in Medway, Massachusetts has 24,000 square feet of floor space filled with the newest technology of manufacturing equipment from our molding department to our machining department.  Our 20,000 square foot distribution center is also located in Medway.

As the leading USA manufacturer of shift knobs for the OEM, Aftermarket, Classic, Custom and Hot Rod industry, EPCO offers unique, quality shift knobs, technical expertise, and personal customer service.  EPCO will custom manufacture shift knobs to your specifications including size, color, logo, engraving, and/or embedment at quantities ranging from a single shift knob to production runs in the thousands.

At EPCO, we are focused on providing quality products using the latest and best technology available.  With 60 years of experience, EPCO has the knowledge, expertise, and facilities to provide the auto industry with a superior, American Made product.

For more information on EPCO and all our product lines, please visit any or all of the web sites below. 

Visit EPCO’s Home site at www.epcomfg.com

Visit EPCO Bowling Products at www.epcobowling.com

Visit EPCO Bocce Products at www.epcobocce.com

Visit EPCO Industrial/Commercial Balls at www.epcoballs.com

Visit EPCO Billiard Products at www.epcobilliards.com

Visit EPCO Rod and Sheet Products at www.epcorodandsheet.com

Visit EPCO Tee Marker Products at www.epcoteemarkers.com